Charles finally sending off his psychology master’s thesis to Antioch

20011117 Charles mailing psychology masters degree thesis
Charles Oropallo had been working on his master’s degree mostly in Peterborough, New Hampshire, since his acceptance into the master’s program in 1998. Charles had a tremendous amount of support from his wife, Susan, without whom he could never had reached this pinnacle of his educational endeavors.

Lots of back and forth had occurred between various college staff and Charles to get this to this point. So, several years work culminated in this package being mailed on November 17, 2001!

Finally, Charles’s psychology master’s thesis was being sent to Antioch for its final evaluation by the academic powers that be at the college.

Charles meets his academic advisor at Antioch Yellow Springs

19991203 Charles with masters degree program mentor Jane
Charles Oropallo is shown here finally meeting with Jane, his Antioch academic advisor on December 3rd, 1999.

Charles was accepted into the Yellow Springs Antioch master’s degree program in 1999. He finally met Jane in December 1999 for the first time when he traveled to Yellow Springs, Ohio, to accomplish his residency requirement for the college.